Support of property deals in Moscow and the Moscow region

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer services of complex support of property deals in Moscow as follows: check of clean title to an apartment, preparation of a package of documents necessary for registration of ownership right, agree a contract to sale, purchase or exchange a property, supervise money transfers and other terms of a contract.

Support of property deals is reasonable measure used by our clients when they want to avoid fraud which grows up in the property market. A lawyer after study of documents for property which attracts your attention is able to explain you all possible problems connected to assignment of property rights.

If upon registration of a property title there was no deal of purchase and sale or exchange of property then such title could be withdrawn and find invalid just based on breach of a single provision of legislation. As result a buyer could remain with no money and property because property might be demanded back by court order but seller and money will be gone by then.

Support of property deals is provided by our lawyers is highly professional. A fundamental goal of a lawyer in property deals is to protect a client against risks by examining of legal documents.

The smallest detail unseen by you will draw an attention of experienced lawyer. Even experienced realtors sometimes make mistakes because they do not possess such a broad legal knowledge as our lawyers.

You might need an advice of a lawyer to supervise property purchasing contracts and registration of ownership title at administrative justice offices.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer “Personal attorney” service which was established for resolution of all legal issues at any time and prompt legal support onsite if a client has issues required presence of a lawyer.

Support of property deal contracts requires constant attention of a lawyer experienced in several areas of law such as housing, family, business etc.

Requesting assistance of Ulischenko Attorney and Partners you can use legal advice service and get detailed commentary on your contract, deal, legality of a title or engage a lawyer for legal support in a particular situation. We offer to our clients a contract for “Personal attorney” service to provide solution of all legal problems.

Legal support of property deals is a choice to protect your property rights and make undisputable contract for purchase, sale or exchange of property.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners are professional lawyers whose experience and knowledge you can rely on.

Reliable protection of your interests and effective support of property deals are possible if Ulischenko Attorney and Partners are involved in it.