Support of investment projects

Investments made by a corporation require professional support of a lawyer thus investments would be adequate and bring expected profit.

Professional Ulischenko Attorney and Partners have a robust experience in management of investment projects of any level of complexity.

Our lawyers offer a service to support investment projects regardless of its scale: whether it is purchasing of small package of shares or large-scale investment into land or commercial property.

Our lawyers will help you to estimate real prospective of investments into selected area prepare all necessary legal documents for a deal, and participate in negotiations to protect your interests should any dispute arise.

It is very important at preliminary stage of investment activities to estimate an efficiency of a project from the investor’s point of view and make a right decision regarding possibility of profitable investment in particular circumstances.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners can undertake appraisals of a project’s profitability and its legality e. g. real estate investments.

Subscribing legal services for business presuppose constant control of investment activities of client’s corporation or organization. It is impossible to make a decision on investment activities without preliminary appraisal of object of investment attraction.

The most common form of investment activity is purchasing of shares or other securities and investments into commercial property and land.

Purchase and registration of property as company’s property is quite a difficult and confusing process, and it’s necessary to appraise legality of property, its real market price and profit gained out of such investment by a company.

It is strongly recommended to avoid investment activity without professional legal assistance. There are many disputable issues during negotiation between a customer and a seller which require constant involvement of a lawyer to improve their collaboration.

Support of investment projects is one of the most difficult areas for legal advice, it requires professionalism from a lawyer in many subjects of law, excellent understanding of markets potentially attractive for investments.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will be glad to protect your investments. We ensure professional support of investment activities of a company in any investment area.