Settlement and expertise of legal documents

Any relations with businesses and private individuals may be controlled by legal documents. Nature of legal relationship is determined by correctness of settled documents as well as possible consequences occurred from careless filling in documents and fulfillment of agreed terms.

Drawing and expertise of legal documents made by our professional lawyers is the guarantee of complex legal defense of your interests. Our experts will help you to produce proper legal documents for representation and protection of your commercial, civil, intellectual and other rights.

It is advisable to make legal expertise of agreement, contract or treaty. Each document requires careful attention to it because it will regulate relations between private individuals, government and private organizations.

Legal document as well as fundamental terms of agreement may cause new legal precedent in relationship which termination would be more difficult in the future rather than preventing it.

Therefore our lawyers strongly recommend to their regular customers to seek advice and quality legal expertise from a lawyer each time before signing of any legal document.

Settlement of legal documents presumes legal advice based on either one-time service or subscribing legal service for producing of legal documents.

Only a professional lawyer can produce competent legal document with provisions of all possible legal risks and meet all requirements to obligatory terms of a document.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will produce and make a quality legal expertise of any required document. Documents such as applications, letters, petitions, contracts and agreements can be produced and granted a quality legal protection when assisted by Ulischenko Attorney and Partners.

In order to prevent long-lasting legal disputes requiring a lot of time and high court expenses it is better to make a legal expertise of documents in time and leave it to your lawyer to file complaints, contracts, agreements and other legal documents having legal consequences.

Our lawyers offer a service to produce legal documents as follows:

  • agreements, contracts and treaties,
  • complaints in different courts,
  • appeals,
  • responds to all kinds of written claims,
  • legal opinion,
  • any type of service document etc.

Our lawyers will be pleased to provide you one-time legal advice or legal defense in any life event under the terms of “Personal attorney” service.