Rescission of contracts

Complicated legal issue which can’t be resolved without a lawyer is arguing on results of agreements and rescission of contracts. Our attorneys have a good experience in settlement of such disputes and know all details of Russian legislation to win such cases.

Main interest of cases about rescission of contracts is that upon winning a case all legal consequences of agreement are nullified a claimant can get back his legal rights violated by illegal contract.

According to Russian law invalid contracts may become void and arguable. If deal is considered void it has no legal power from the moment of settlement of transaction therefore it doesn’t require trial in court. If a contract is void court will consider it void on basis of current legislation and at the same time will nullify all arisen legal consequences.

It is not necessary to consider a disputed agreement as void for its legal consequences to be nullified by decision of court. Property transferred according to a contract considered void must be compensated by parties to each other. If property can’t be returned to a legal owner in the original condition then material compensation of its value is required by law.

The most common cases to declare agreement invalid are property deals conducted with obvious violation of law and commercial contracts with fundamental infringements of form of a legal document or drawn incompetently. For example, a contract may be declared as invalid if compulsory provisions (subject of agreement, obligatory or advisable terms for contracts of this kind (purchase, services, exchange, assignment of rights, etc)) are absent.

If transaction of property rights transfer have violated your rights and opposite party to a contract makes a claim based on incompetent agreement, or you want to declare a contract as invalid and stop consequences of it in the future, our lawyers will evaluate real chances to win a case by analyzing your particular situation and offer options to resolve of a case.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer a service of a professional expertise of legal documents, drafting of contracts and other legal documents, because only a contract produced by a professional lawyer is duly protected even against attempts to declare concluded under his terms deal invalid.

Over years of active legal practice our lawyers have been dealing with enormous number of legal documents and they are aware about all legal requirements for forms and terms of various contracts.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will surely help to deal with fundamental legal issues of your case and protect your interests in a court against attempts to declare a deal invalid.