Representation of the interests of businesses in court of general jurisdiction

Court of general jurisdiction resolve family, labor, civil and housing relations disputes as well as disputes between government and private organizations. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer representation in a court of general jurisdiction to protect rights and legal interests of a client.

Our lawyers have a great experience in settlement of disputes on acknowledgement of ownership rights, labor, tax and land disputes.

To represent interests of a company in a court of general jurisdiction it is necessary to study all details of the case, and available legal documents to evaluate chances on successful conclusion of a case and enforcement proceedings of a court decision.

There is no benefit to the company winning the case if by the time of decision of the court a defensor is bankrupt, as enforcement proceedings won’t bring results.

Our lawyers will analyze circumstances of the case and advice to the company either to initiate a case or to avoid wasting time and money on a futile a priori case.

Analysis of the case and decision about initiation of a case

Applying robust experience of solution of cases in a court Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will develop a right strategy to protect interests of your company in a court of general jurisdiction, should you decide to initiate a case.

On the next stage the lawyers will prepare and submit the necessary documents for conducting a case in a court of general jurisdiction. If settlement of the dispute is possible on pre-trial stage, our lawyers will prepare a draft settlement agreement and provide legal support for your company during its discussion, making amendments and signing by both parties.

To make a contract for representation of interests of your company by one of our lawyers in a court of general jurisdiction, you have to inform us about subject of the dispute in details and provide all documents regarding the case.

To make an adequate decision about initiation of a case we offer to examine results of study of your case made by our lawyer and then either to sign an agreement with us or drop the case if chances for successful resolution are very tight.

Our lawyers provide qualified legal support for business in initiating a case or when your company is a defensor in a dispute, and they can supervise proper execution of court resolution by court marshals.

Experience and professionalism of our lawyers is a guarantee of successful protection of interests of your company in a court.