Representation in arbitrage

Representation in arbitrage: documents for arbitrage, arbitration lawyer

Arbitration is quite a difficult process and advice of professional and experienced lawyer with excellent knowledge of legal practice is required for its successful resolution.

Representation in arbitration court requires producing of a competent statement of claim, excellent knowledge of arbitrage procedure and experience in defense development for hearing in a court.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer to businesses representation in arbitrage, qualified legal advice for producing of complaints, appeals and motions necessary for arbitration.

Defense in arbitration court

A successful defense in arbitrage consists of a lawyer’s professional level, experience and excellent knowledge of a legal practice. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners ensure that their clients will get a professional protection in arbitrations and competent construction of complaints to initiate arbitration dispute.

Documents for arbitrage

Our lawyers offer to businesses legal support in producing of legal documents necessary for conducting of an arbitral case. Lawyers will help to prepare a competent petition or a response to it, any kind of procedural documents or complaints (appeals, supervisory appeals etc). Our attorneys are capable to produce correct claims against a defensor as well as all necessary paperwork to initiate an arbitration procedure.

Statement of claim to arbitrage

The offended party has a right to claim compensation (e. g., as a result of the breach of terms of a contract) by complaint in the arbitration court. In order to achieve decision of the court in your favor it is necessary that the case is conducted by an experienced lawyer. A correctly produced statement of claim practically initiates an arbitration case.

Appeal against decision of arbitration court

When your company disagrees with the decision of the arbitrage, our lawyers will help you to appeal against it in the higher courts and prepare the necessary documents.

Arbitration lawyer

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer services of initiating and conducting of arbitral procedures in corporate disputes and conflicts due to breach of the contract terms by one of the parties, disputes relied to substantial law etc.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide professional representation of interests of organization in arbitration courts. You can get an advice of a professional arbitration lawyer by booking an appointment with one of our lawyers.