Protection in criminal cases from an investigation to a court: services of a criminal lawyer, criminal defense lawyer

Professional defense of accused in criminal cases is the main job for specialized criminal defense lawyer. Effective representation of interests of an accused in preliminary investigation and in a court is possible only if defense lawyer has robust experience in conducting of criminal cases and perfect knowledge of criminal and procedural law.

Seeking legal advice from Ulischenko Attorney and Partners you always will be provided best services from an experienced criminal lawyer. Prompt advice in criminal cases at the stage of filing accusation may give serious advantages to the accused in preliminary investigation because most mistakes are made by the accused during the first investigative actions which should take place only in presence of a professional criminal lawyer.

An advice of a criminal lawyer may be very useful in development of a professional defense of the accused. None of serious preliminary investigative actions should take place without preliminary advice of a lawyer.

Involving a lawyer into defense process in criminal cases is necessary in the very beginning of a case, because only then a lawyer has more chances to influence a case considerably.

Defense in criminal cases during an investigation and in a court is focused on a development of evidences and lawful grounds for withdrawal of charges or mitigation of sentence by all legal means if conviction is unavoidable.

Available services of a criminal lawyer

Choosing Ulischenko Attorney and Partners you can expect services of a criminal lawyer as follows:

  1. Legal counseling of a criminal lawyer.
  2. Defense of an accused during a preliminary investigation.
  3. Defense of an accused on all stages of a criminal case.
  4. Appeal against a sentence or other judicial acts.
  5. Legal advice in criminal cases in the commission of clemency etc.
  6. Appeal against unlawful acts and decisions of an investigator or prosecutor.

Criminal defense lawyer

Advice of a criminal defense lawyer is allowed by Russian law at very beginning of criminal investigation proceedings, in fact from a moment of arrest of a suspect.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners are professional criminal lawyers who will help to protect your rights even in the most complicated and confusing life situations.

Our experience is a guarantee of your legal protection under any circumstances!