Property division of spouses

A property division procedure is quite a complicated legal procedure which requires excellent knowledge of legislation of Russian Federation. Our professional lawyers in their practice regularly deal with different peculiarities of the property division of spouses in a court and thus they have got great experience in dealing with property division disputes in a court.

Property division of spouses may be resolved by voluntary mutual agreement of the parties, which can be certified (but not necessary) by a notary,

Presence of lawyers representing both sides is necessary when expertise of claims of spouses and settlement agreement for division of property is required. If the spouses can’t reach a settlement in a pre-trial stage then interested party has to apply to a court.

If there is no pre-nuptial agreement then community property state applies. It means that assets owned in common by husband and wife as a result of its having being acquired during the marriage each spouse generally holding a one-half interest in the property.

The property which belonged to the spouses before the marriage, received as a gift or as a result of an honorary deal is impartible.

The personal belongings of spouses (clothes, footwear etc) or belongings of children who will stay with one of the spouse are not a subject to a property division.

A common subject of property division disputes is a fact that assets of one of spouses may be considered as community property if during the marriage there were made substantial investments which have raised value of property significantly. Examples of such cases could be capital repair of property which has been bought by one of the spouses before the marriage, car repair made by one of the spouse, etc.

The property division of the spouses is often impossible under provisions of equal possession of a property thus one party will get a compensation in any case.

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