Preparation and expertise of legal documents

A company’s personnel lawyer isn’t always able to cope with the diversity of legal issues constantly appeared in business activities and required prompt and adequate decision. Legal counseling in this case may be very useful thus legal issues wouldn’t leave unresolved.

Preparation and expertise of legal documents requires significant experience in legal practice to consider all the possible options of disputes and its resolution in legal documents and contracts.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners can undertake the keeping of the legal documents base of an organization as a result to  reduce pressure on a personnel lawyer and allow him to deal with current issues.

Preparation of legal documents

From very beginning of its existence every company conducts its activity according to the rules stated in internal and external legal documents. Tax accounting and regularly changed decrees of National Customs Service require particular attention.

Preparation of legal documents by one of our professional lawyers ensures that your company’s activity is impeccable and withstands any inspection of tax or other authorities.

A business lawyer also deals with preparation of drafts of commercial contracts and agreements, supports negotiations by legal documents (agreements) and controls the fulfillment of terms of contract by the parties. A lawyer can help you to analyze legal risks of a contract, identify the correctness of a commercial contract and making sure that interests of your business are covered.

Expertise of legal documents

Expertise of legal documents presupposes checking of accuracy of terms of contract, safeguarding interests of a client and its accordance to the legislation of Russian Federation.

Expertise of legal documents may be useful when third party make a claim against your company in order to clarify the foundation of complaint.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will help you to produce a competent statement, complaint or a claim, prepare all necessary documents for conducting a case in a court and expertise all existing legal documents of the company.

Our professional lawyers are ready to provide legal support for organizations by advice, producing and expertising of legal documents and representing of company’s interests in courts.