Pre-trial settlement of disputes

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer service for individuals of a pre-trial settlement of disputes. Pre-trial settlement of disputes comparing with a court hearing is the most efficient option of resolution of dispute between individuals.

Advantages of a pre-trial settlement of disputes.

To compare with all numerous stages and phases of arbitration in a court a pre-trial settlement of disputes is simplest and cost efficient option of resolution of disputes between private parties.

Pre-trial settlement of disputes may be agreed in just a single meeting involving your lawyer. Such a meeting might be enough argument to make defensor to realize that breach of obligation or refusal to compensate losses amicably will result to a court trial.

More than likely the judge will accept numerous facts and evidences provided by the professional lawyer and make his decision based on the law rather than personal opinion of a defendant.

Besides on a pre-trial stage of a settlement of disputes you may file a written claim and defendant would have to reply in writing. It is already a stage of a written resolution of disputes where legal documents would appear.

Our attorneys have broad experience in producing of any kind of legal documents including claims, and you can consult our attorney for advice at any time to produce a proper claim based on analysis of your situation, and if necessary in the future he will represent your interests in a court.

Pre-trial dispute settlement including complain procedure is the most cost sufficient way of dispute resolution, because you pay only for legal advice of a lawyer and his presence at negotiations with you or alone as your attorney.

Financial arguments sobered people as well as possible legal responsibility thus most of disputes between private individuals are settled a pre-trial stage.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer a number of services for pre-trial dispute settlement for private individuals. Our lawyers will advice you on settling a correct agreement and if opposing party would breach terms of a contract, you already have strong arguments on a pre-trial stage of dispute.

Our lawyers can provide a competent legal advice in pre-trial dispute settlement, represent your interests in negotiations and file a case or prepare documents for resolving a case in a court should pre-trial settlement has failed.

If court hearing is unavoidable our professional lawyers will settle a pack of documents to file a case and develop an effective defense of your interests in a court.