Legal support of commercial contracts

Commercial activities of every company are impossible without producing and executing of commercial contracts. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide legal support on the stage of preparation of a contract and when it requires legal expertise too. The expertise of contracts is carried out to confirm its accordance to the existing legislation. A compulsory term for a professionally produced contract is maximum safeguard of  interests of a client’s company.

Professional legal advice is necessary at the stage of preparation of a contract (agreement) in order to take into account the interests of the parties and minimize possible juridical risks.

Legal support of commercial contracts is the guarantee that interests and safety of your business are reliably protected by terms of a legally valid contract.

Legal support of commercial contracts at the stage of the preliminary preparation of a draft contract reduces the risk of disputes in the future. The main rule of a commercial contract producing is the maximum accuracy of statements and consistency.

Due to legal support of commercial contracts organization can considerably reduce basis for taxation, avoid the problems with tax offices, prevent trials, with the help of the professionally build system of protection of interests of a company, implemented in a draft contract.

Quite widely spread problem for business connected to legal support of commercial contracts is when one of the parties fails to follow terms of the contract. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will help you to conduct negotiations in order to settle the conflict between the parties on a pre-trial stage.

Our lawyers also help businesses to terminate commercial contracts in a court and represent the company in a court to resolve commercial disputes.

Our lawyers provide legal support of agreements conducted within a project and prepare claims and petitions to a court.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners can evaluate the quality of legal services provided to a company, conduct a legal expertise of all kind of contracts and incorporation documents.

Complex of services of legal support of commercial contracts includes legal counseling and help to production of proper draft contracts, legal support of a deal up to contract empowering, risks appraisal of entering into an agreement, representation of interests of company in deals, conducting of disputes, connected to the breach of the terms of the contract terms by one of the parties.

Legal support of commercial contracts is one of the main lines of activity of a commercial lawyer provided under the terms of the service “Personal commercial lawyer”.