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Subscribing legal services

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide complex legal support for businesses. Our lawyers can give you comprehensive legal advice concerning any kind of commercial activities. Legal support of business touches all parts of business processes: from generation and expertise of legal documents to settlement of tax and customs disputes and representation of the interests of business in variable courts.

Legal support of business

Every business needs legal support and it means that there is a need to keep a personnel lawyer. Legal support of business must be constant and cover all aspects and stages of business activities. A personnel lawyer often can’t keep up with all legal issues therefore quality of the legal support goes down and this represents big risk for business. Legal support of business entrusted to Ulischenko Attorney and Partners is the guarantee of quality legal services considering all peculiarities of your business activities.

Every our lawyer has a great experience in defending of client rights and interests in different branches of law and jointly their professional capabilities become equal to whole legal department of your corporation with but based on outsourced personnel.

A contract for legal support of your business gives your company an opportunity to cover all business processes by reliable legal protection working without failure and at reasonable cost.

Subscribing legal support service for business would cost to a company an equivalent of monthly salary of a personnel lawyer but quality and volume of provided services will be equal to a month work of a whole legal department.

Advantages of outsourcing of legal services and complex legal support for business

  1. There is no human factor: our lawyers work without fail for several years. Legal business support by Ulischenko Attorney and Partners is the guarantee of regular legal support and defense of the interests of your business.
  2. Legal department requires no unjustified expenses. You pay only for services of our lawyers.
  3. Wide array of legal services covering all possible legal aspects of your business activities.
  4. Careful expertise of basic and day-to-day legal documents. Constituting and audit of commercial agreements and internal or external records of a company.
  5. Legal support of commercial contracts and investment projects of your company.
  6. Legal counseling in any area of legislation of Russian Federation.
  7. Legal advice and protection in case of criminal, administrative or tax prosecution.
  8. Support and solution of corporate conflicts: qualified and prompt protection from corporate raids and forceful take-over and conducting of legal disputes.

Subscribing legal service for business –

It presupposes making a contract for complex corporate legal services provided under the terms of the contract. Available options include distant advice and physical presence of the lawyer when necessary. Subscribing legal service for business is the guarantee of prompt legal support of your business and perfect keeping of internal and external records of the company.

Subscribing legal support for business is an effective business method providing reliable legal support and optimizing costs of legal services.