Hereditary, family, housing, land, insurance, tax and labor disputes

During a lifetime each citizen of Russian Federation could be involved in disputes: hereditary, family, housing, tax etc., but only few know how to deal with a lawsuit. You can learn how to protect your rights in civil disputes and initiate tax, family, insurance and other disputes by an advice from a professional lawyer of Ulischenko Attorney and Partners.

Over many years our lawyers have dealt with settlement of hereditary, family and housing disputes and accumulated significant experience in representation of private individuals in legal disputes.

In most occasions settlement of dispute depends on properly filed case and professionally established defense planned by a lawyer based on study of details of the case, all legal peculiarities of the dispute and evaluation of chances for success.

Our lawyers would never advise to a client to file a case which is knowingly disadvantageous, when after court victory it is materially impossible to get compensation from defendant even by enforcement proceedings.

After estimation of real chances of winning a case and success of enforcement proceedings a lawyer can initiate a civil dispute to prove legal rights of a client in a court.

The lawyer participates in all stages of a case as attorney of a client and could represent interests of a client in all stages of enforcement proceedings, provide legal support to court bailiffs and appeal against their misconduct.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will advise you to settle inheritance disputes, and advise you on property inherited by will, procedure of inheritance, several inheritance of property and documents necessary to receive inheritance.

Our experienced lawyers will represent your interests in housing and land disputes particularly dispute on borders of a land plot.

You can use legal advice of a professional lawyer on insurance dispute. Disputes with insurance companies and its settlement is main specialty of some of our lawyers who will help to protect your rights in resolution of an insurance dispute.

Experience in legal practice of insurance disputes proves it’s a time consuming process and necessity to represent your interests by a professional lawyer. Quite often tax collectors violate tax legislation therefore people who never breached the law become party of legal disputes.

Our lawyers are experienced both in individual labor disputes of employees with employers and collective labor disputes.

You can learn about settlement of labor disputes and necessary actions to initiate a dispute by booking an appointment for advice from a lawyer of Ulischenko Attorney and Partners.

Professionalism of our lawyers ensure successful resolution of each civil dispute you are involved in and effective defense of your legal interests and rights.