Extrajudicial dispute resolution

Pre-trial dispute settlement: order of dispute settlement, extrajudicial dispute resolution.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners support businesses and private individuals in the pre-trial settlement of disputes, which is the most sophisticated way of settling of legal conflicts.

Advantages of the pre-trial disputes resolution.

Besides the obvious advantages of the pre-trial settlement of disputes of saving costs and time, the pre-trial dispute resolution has a number of other important benefits. In case of a dispute with the client or partner, pre-trial settlement allows to find reasonable ways to resolve a conflict and save useful business relationship. Pre-trial dispute settlement is the best way to resolve a conflict for both parties, because at this stage there is a big chance that both party will get what they aimed to achieve in the dispute.

When the pre-trial dispute resolution is conducted by a professional lawyer, there are more chances that case won’t come to court proceedings, because our lawyers are capable to find serious commercial and juridical arguments which could force an opposing party to more serious deliberation of the claims and its legal consequences. Sometimes the conflicting parties can’t find an adequate dispute settlement because they can’t imagine the complicacy of resolution of a dispute in court.

Sometimes court expenses cannot justify the scale and the significance of the conflict, as result parties spend considerable costs for trial, whereas the problem could be resolved on the pre-trial stage by common negotiations.

Pre-trial settlement of disputes may be compulsory or voluntary, when the parties come to a settlement agreement by dismissing the core of argument. Pre-trial dispute settlement may be compulsory if such is specified as a condition preceding the trial by the terms of the contract or any other legal agreement between the parties. In such case dispute wouldn’t come to trial before all possible options for pre-trial settlement are exhausted. One option of the dispute settlement between the parties is extrajudicial dispute resolution.

In this case the point of the claim is examined and if the defendant can satisfy claimed demands, the dispute gets settled before the trial.

When the pre-trial order of dispute settlement is an available option.

Pre-trial order of the dispute settlement is possible if this option of resolution of conflicts and lawsuits is specified by terms of a contract signed by conflict parties or if this is specified as a compulsory procedure by the law of Russian Federation.

Pre-trial dispute resolution is available if parties are concerned in extrajudicial dispute resolution, and even in case of categorical refusal of negotiations by one of the parties, an experienced lawyer can always find weighty arguments which will be heard.

You shouldn’t expect a success in pre-trial dispute settlement without assistance of an experienced lawyer. If a lawyer is involved in negotiations, the chances for successful pre-trial dispute settlement grow considerably. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners recommend to take an advice of a professional lawyer to use all chances of a pre-trial dispute settl