Establishment of a legal fact

A reference to a court is not necessary connected to violation of legal rights or freedoms. Establishment of a legal fact is an issue when there is no need to file a claim to a court because there is no claimant or defensor. You might need establishment of a legal fact to settle disputes having legal consequences.

In case of establishment of a legal fact an interested person files an application to a court for establishment of a particular legal fact and court either admits a fact or rejects it officially.

Establishment of a legal fact is a common procedure necessary to resolve legal issues and involves establishment of a fact of residence, relationship, death, marriage, dependence etc.

Legal facts causing appearance, changes or termination of property rights of private persons, businesses and organizations are to be established.

A legal fact will be established in a court only if it can’t be established by any other means.

With all seeming simplicity of a process, in reality applications for establishment of a legal fact must be produced as accurate as possible to explain to a court why a particular fact has to be established in a court and there is no other option to resolve a problem or get necessary documents.

There is a possibility that an application for establishment of a legal fact in a court won’t be handled due to current requirements towards processing of legal documents.

Establishment of a legal fact is possible by producing of competent legal foundation considering your individual situation.

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