Enforcement proceedings

Enforcement proceedings start after hearing of a case when it is prescribed by court order. A claimant gets an enforcement order which has to be passed to a bailiff service or to other legal enforcement agencies allowed to execute a court order.

It is advisable to have an attorney for whole period of enforcement proceedings that can control proper enforcement proceedings of a court decision. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer a service of representation of interests of private individuals in all stages of enforcement proceedings.

A lawyer can evaluate bailiff’s actions adequately and complain if order of enforcement proceedings has been violated. A layer submits legal documents to execution offices appointed by a court and observes a prompt execution of court decision.

Unfortunately it is not enough to win the case in a court because after a claimant receives a copy of enforcement order on execution of court decision itself might take a long time.

Enforcement proceedings need a legal support a lot therefore a prompt advice to a court bailiff from a lawyer may simplify a process considerably and make it a lot faster. A lawyer constantly analyses legality and adequacy of methods applied for enforcement proceedings and responds promptly when client’s interests or legal rights for proper enforcement proceedings of court order are violated.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners have excellent knowledge of rules of practice, stages of enforcement proceedings and requirements to execution methods.

Complex representation of interests of a private individual based on provisions of subscribing legal services within the terms of “Personal attorney” service presupposes resolution of unexpected problems in the process of execution of court order, which means to control proper execution of enforcement proceedings.

Enforcement proceedings in civil disputes especially connected to compensation of property damage might be complicated by interfering of defendant and his refusal to obey a court order.

A professional lawyer can advise a bailiff how to organize a search for defendant’s property, which might be the only source for compensation of damage.

Our lawyers provide you complex legal counseling regarding stages of enforcement proceedings, methods of enforcement proceedings and court bailiff service; they can control actions of bailiffs and complain against illegal actions of bailiffs.

Our attorney can participate in a process of enforcement proceedings as legal representative of a client and supervise actions of bailiffs, or provide legal advice concerning enforcement proceedings and claimant’s rights.

The main starting point for enforcement proceeding is receiving of enforcement order by a claimant. From that moment a claimant can authorize a lawyer to represent his interests in enforcement proceedings.

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