Enforcement proceedings

An important stage of legal service for organizations is control of execution of a judgment, i.e. administration of enforcement proceedings.

An enforcement proceeding is a process of execution of a judgment and usually involves a number of problems for Complaint Company. After court judgment the enforcement proceedings stage begins, and if defensor refuses to satisfy judgment then court marshals must enforce a defensor to execute a court decision.

Initiation of enforcement proceedings requires submitting of court orders to bailing department and strict control of execution of a judgment.

Very often court marshals can’t make a defensor to enforce court decision for few months, especially if the case is about compensation of property damages to the company, in such cases Ulischenko Attorney and Partners could be instrumental in competent conducting of enforcement proceedings.

Lawyer can help to a marshal to produce necessary legal documents to execute a judgment or complain against marshal’s actions if it fails to meet interests of a claimant. A lawyer controls all stages of enforcement proceedings until its successful completion.

Our lawyers well up in the stages, order and termination of enforcement proceedings. Complex legal service for businesses includes both representation of company’s interests in a court and control of execution of judgment.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide legal advice for businesses in the enforcement proceedings area as follows:

  • legal advice on the essence of enforcement proceedings and legal rights of a company,
  • supervision of  proper execution of enforcement proceedings,
  • initiation of enforcement proceedings.

Quite often it is necessary to find the property of the debtor in order to execute a judgment and marshals could look for it for years. Our lawyers will help you to prepare all necessary documents for proper enforcement proceedings of a court decision and control actions of court marshals.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide legal supervision of court marshals’ actions, control execution of enforcement proceedings and its complying with all stages, if necessary file an appeal in case of misconduct by court marshals.

Services of Ulischenko Attorney and Partners  is a guarantee of proper enforcement proceedings of the court decision for your case.