Divorce by peaceful agreement of parties, divorce and severance, divorce in a court

Divorce is possible by mutual agreement of parties or if one of spouses wants to dissolve the marriage, thus there are two official divorce procedures: in registry offices or in a court.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide you legal advice for both divorce procedures, give you a list of necessary documents for this procedure or provide a lawyer to represent your interests in a court.

Divorce in a registry office is available by a mutual agreement of both parties and if spouses have no children under 18 together. If case fails to meet one of these conditions, divorce case goes to a court.

Divorce case, especially initiated by decision of one of spouses when the second one refuses, could become a painful and long-going dispute. Therefore often interested party uses a lawyer to represent its interests in a divorce case.

Our professional lawyers provide service of divorce dissolution without you attending a court. This service has many benefits: you don’t need to argue personally with other half constantly and save time and energy because court trial is unpleasant process requiring a lot of attention and time.

Divorce and division of property

Quite often a divorce procedure in a court is accompanied by division of property. In order to process a divorce in a court you need to file a petition with all supporting documents in a local court. Our lawyers will help you to define a list of necessary documents and produce a petition or they will take care of all legal issues of a divorce in a court should you entrust divorce procedure to a lawyer.

Division of property is a logical stage of a divorce procedure in absence of mutual agreement of parties. Division of property may be executed on basis of a division of property agreement or if spouses have signed a pre-nuptial agreement defining such terms. Division of property is executed under the law of Russian Federation, which defines that all assets acquired in marriage have to be divided.

A family lawyer will help you to produce a competent division of property agreement and protect your property rights in a court as your attorney.

You can get an advice from one of our lawyers for requirements necessary for a divorce, a package of supporting documents for a petition, stages of a divorce procedure in a court and divorce in a court without your attendance.

Our experts will advise you in all issues regarding divorce by mutual agreement or in a court, rights of children, maintenance for children and division of property.