Customs, tax and corporate disputes

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners offer to businesses complex legal support of company activities based of a subscribing legal service. Personal attorney for business is the guarantee of prompt and professional settlement of tax, customs and corporate disputes, an opportunity to use legal advice in any areas of law, effective legal support in all directions of company activities and competent creation of legal documents.

Personal attorney and settlement of tax, customs and corporate disputes

Settlement of tax, customs and corporate disputes involves many legal details and it may cause serious consequences if you don’t know them. In order to secure a normal work of all departments of a company it is required competent legal services and company would need to employ a whole law department.

Personal business lawyer is an alternative for solution of legal issues of the company interested in quality legal support and cares about a budget. Business lawyer is a lawyer who knows all the peculiarities of activities of your company and able promptly find the optimal solutions for tax, customs or corporate disputes.

Business lawyer  constantly observes changes of all subjects of  legislation in Russian Federation which are important for your company and can develop an effective defense of your company in a court should you fail in resolution of tax, customs or corporate dispute on a pre-trial stage.

Business lawyer  has great experience in practice of legal support of business activities thus can promptly appraise legal risks of the company and develop scenario of protection of interests of a company in disputes with tax or customs authorities.

Tax disputes

Taxation lawyer can provide key support to business in case of a tax persecution after audit of company’s tax payments . Business lawyer helps to appeal against decisions of tax offices, and take adequate measures to prevent or reduce penalties for violation of tax or duties legislation.

It is very advisable to conduct tax audit of a company in presence of a taxation lawyer, who could prevent sanctions towards a company even on a stage of ongoing audit.

A business lawyer can conduct internal tax audits to prevent serious claims from tax office and remove infringements of bookkeeping.

Customs disputes

For organization of legal support it is vital to understand what parts the legal regulation of custom clearance consists of in Russian Federation. Besides the customs code of law there are many constantly changing and updating decrees issued by Federal Custom Service of Russia with practically the same power as law itself. Without perfect understanding of customs legislation company may sustain large damages, and without advice from a professional business lawyer company would not withstand disputes with customs authorities

Corporate disputes

Business lawyer provides effective and quick solution of corporate disputes and reliable legal support of internal agreements and contracts with labors of a company. With support of a professional business lawyer corporate disputes are settled by negotiations on a pre-trial stage of disputes.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners have a great experience of representing interests of a company in pre-trial tax, customs and corporate disputes and by participation of designated lawyer of a company in courts defending rights and interests of a client.