Conducting of civil cases

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The most of the cases which are successfully conducted and completed by our lawyers are disputes, which subject is the infringement of some civil rights of private individuals.

Our lawyers in civil cases provide legal advice for private individuals in initiation of civil cases, conducting of the civil cases from the claimant’s and defensor’s points of view.

There are many different areas of civil relations, beginning from a trial divorce and severance, housing disputes and up to the citizens’ disputes with insurance companies etc.

Addressing to Ulischenko Attorney and Partners you can always get a legal counseling concerning civil case process, protection of your own interests at a court, planning of protection and case’s prospects of a successful solution.

Conducting of civil cases presupposes both a single legal support concerning producing of legal documents, and representing of your interests on all case stages.

You can entrust only a part of the tasks on the lawyer in civil cases, hand him conducting of your civil case over and sign a contract for the supply of legal services.

Lawyer in civil cases.

Services of a lawyer in civil cases include complex legal advice of your procedure, producing of all necessary documents, responding to claims and requests, correct building of an evidences base and a system of protection of the client’s interests at a court. In case of an undesirable case decision the lawyer will also take an appeal to a higher court.

Subscribing legal service, “Personal attorney” service.

A lawyer can represent your interests both on the ground of a contract about a civil case and in case of a subscribing legal service, if the service of the representing of your interests in civil disputes is included into the contract. You can also make a contract of the subscribing legal service while your lawyer conducts the case, in order not to pay for every service separately and to have an opportunity of a regular co-operation with the lawyer just in cases when you need his counseling or personal presence.

Addressing to our lawyers in civil cases you can be always sure of a high level legal protection of your interests. During the preliminary stage of the case the lawyer will do his best to settle a dispute on the pre-trial stage. If the agreement between the parties is impossible the lawyer will protect your civil rights in a court by finding an optimal protection policy of your interests.

Conducting of civil cases involves as a rule long red tape which demands much attention. Meanwhile you can’t be distracted from the case process, because neglect of one small juristic detail may cost you the results of the case.

A lawyer specializing in civil cases will not just organize a complex legal support of your interests in the case process, but also use his whole experience in order to achieve the desired court decision.