About us

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners ensure reliable protection of your legal rights.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners are professional lawyers who provide complex legal services of all main profiles.

Our attorneys are experts with a great experience in the customers’ legal defense, carrying civil and criminal cases, business legal support and legal counseling for private and corporative entities in all areas of law.

Our attorneys are professional lawyers with deep knowledge in all areas of law can provide qualified legal assistance to their customers and protect their legal interests according to the highest  advocatory ethics and using legal defense methods.

The basic working principle of our attorneys is to establish confidential relations with any customer, follow the lawyers’ privacy rules and develop individual approach towards every customer’s problem. Our experts are able to make deep analysis of your situation and choose the optimal solution for your problem.

Using Ulischenko Attorney and Partners services you get professional legal assistance of the family, housing, insurance and court lawyer who guarantees high quality defense of your rights and protects your interests.

The lawyers’ ethics exclude co-operation with any person whose interests may conflict with the interests of the customer. Our attorneys follow this rule carefully and preeminently assert interests of customers; therefore the co-operation with your competitors and rivals is impossible.

We work with our customers on terms of total and unconditional trust and our customers’ confidence has been proved by many years of successful practice of defending of their interests in governmental and public organizations as well as in resolving of different disputes and in court hearings.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners in their professional activity are orientated to the providing of quality law services for private individuals and organizations, following the fundamental advocacy standards, diligence and sincerity, maximum trust between a lawyer and a customer, which is a guarantee of effective  legal assistance and adequate protection of the customer’s interests and rights.

Our attorneys act only on behalf of the principle’s interests and are orientated on co-operation process convenient to the customer.

Using Ulischenko Attorney and Partners services you get a professional legal counseling of an experienced lawyer who can protect your interests both in civil and in criminal cases.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners is a union of professional lawyers who can provide you a quality legal assistance and defense, protect your interests both in public and in private organizations, help you to resolve disputes of all kinds and represent your interests at a court.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners – we have studied the law to perfection to ensure protection of your rights!