Representation company’s interests in government agencies

Representation company’s interests in government agencies: legal services for businesses and organizations

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide legal services for businesses and organizations on terms of a subscribing legal support, “Personal attorney” service or as a one-time legal advice.

Representation of company’s interests in government agencies

The most dispute cases between businesses and government agencies are connected to administrative violations disputes and disputes with tax authorities on results of tax audits.

Dealing with government agencies requires both much time and deep knowledge in all areas of law.

It is particularly important that professional lawyer represents interests of your company should any claim arise. An experienced lawyer can prevent the dispute from going to court because pre-trial settlement of disputes is favourable for any business.

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners represent businesses in government agencies by preparing legal documents and providing its expertise, as personal lawyers of a company in court hearing of civil cases or as legal adviser for complaints against results of inspection made by government agencies or tax authorities.

Our experienced lawyers can be entrusted to conduct civil cases in a court or as complex legal service providers to your business or organization. Ulischenko Attorney and Partners provide complex protection of interests and legality of all activities of your company.

Our lawyers can develop an individual protection system of your business against legal risks, it means, they can discover all legal weaknesses of the company and develop reliable protection methods against it.

A company should regularly ask for an advice of professional lawyer in legal issues to prevent disputes with tax and customs authorities. We offer to businesses to represent their legal rights and interests in government agencies on a basis of subscribing services, and also complex subscribing legal services for businesses and organizations.

The legal service for businesses and organizations is implemented on basis of service “Personal attorney for business”. A package of legal services provided by our lawyers includes unlimited number of legal advices during validity of the contract and representation of the company in government agencies and courts. Personal attorney could initiate a dispute to defend interests of a client and act as a defender of a client, if employing company is involved in a trial as a defensor.