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“Personal attorney” is subscribing kind of legal service for corporative entities and private individuals.

Advantages of “Personal attorney” service are as follows:

  1. Priority service for organizations and private individuals who have signed up for the subscribing legal service within the terms of the Personal attorney service.
  2. Opportunity for qualified legal assistance round the clock, to get the priority legal counseling service or to book a personal appointment.
  3. The attorney is always available for those customers who have used the Personal attorney service, it means that signing up a contract for subscribing legal service with one of our attorneys you will get prompt legal assistance when it is needed at most.
  4. Personal attorney will respond to the issue as quickly as possible because he is always informed about his customer’s situation.
  5. Personal attorney secures professional legal assistance regardless of any unexpected circumstances. Even if the attorney who you have signed a contract with is sick or unavailable, he will be substituted by a colleague, and in any case you will be provided with experienced attorney’s services.

Personal attorney is your accessible legal assistance

Ulischenko Attorney and Partners activity is fully focused on our customers’ needs. We try to optimize co-operation process between the lawyer and the principle as much as possible, to make it effective and comfortable as well as lucrative for our customers.

Maximum accessibility of our attorneys’ services to our customers was the reason we offer the subscriber’s legal service for private individuals and organizations.

Every unassisted filling of documents, communication with law enforcement agencies, tax offices etc. without knowledge of legislation and accurate understanding of your rights and responsibilities may cause serious legal consequences in the future.

Personal attorney assures solution of any legal problem

The main advantage of the personal attorney in comparison with an attorney you find spontaneously is that the personal attorney is aware of the situation and can provide required legal services at any place and any time with the highest possible efficiency. In some cases solution of the problem depends on instant legal assistance provided here and now otherwise it could become an issue of many months of administrative arbitration or court hearings.

The personal attorney is indispensable in cases of disputes with police, Road Safety Inspection, tax offices, government officials or departments, for preparation of and signing legal documents, or in case of unlawful acts against your rights or interests of your company by private individuals or corporative entities.

If you need help of insurance, tax or land attorney, or a legal advice in housing or family cases, and from time to time you ask around “Where can I find a lawyer?”, Ulischenko Attorney and Partners will be glad to provide professional service to protect your interests.

Personal attorney for corporative entities can provide complex legal service for corporative activities: preparation and expertise of legal documents and support of commercial contracts, representation of company’s interests at government offices and courts of different jurisdiction, pre-trial resolving of disputes and settlement of corporative, tax and customs disputes, defense of business in criminal investigations, support of investment projects and representation of the company abroad.